The Art of Blending at The Cellars-Hohenort

Join us at The Conservatory at The Cellars-Hohenort for an interactive evening with the Compass Box Whisky Company.

Not only will guests learn from a master blender how to blend their own whisky, but they will also create their own. The best blend will be bottled and labelled, for the winner to enjoy.

This exciting event takes place on Wednesday, 23 November from 18:30 – 21:00. The ticket includes a welcome drink on arrival, tapas as well as a whisky tasting and blending session.

About Compass Box Whisky Company
The Compass Box Whisky Company is a small, independent Scotch whisky blending company that makes flavourful Scotch whiskies in a range of styles.

“As blenders, we purchase our whiskies from different distilleries located all across Scotland. We have long-standing relationships with some of the finest distilleries in the country. We purchase both aged whisky and new-make whisky, which we hold for extended periods of time until it is ready for blending and bottling.”

Their methods combine both traditional whisky-making practices—such as extended marrying and higher malt-to-grain percentages in their blends—with contemporary techniques such as the use of different bespoke toast levels on new European oak cooperage. 

Would you like to see more of these types of events at our destinations?

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