Whale season at The Marine

Hermanus, home of The Marine, becomes a sanctuary from June to November for our annual visitors, the Southern Right whales. At The Marine our guests can enjoy the sight of these gentle giants from the comfort of their sea-view suite as well as from many vantage points throughout the hotel.

See the Southern Rights up close
There are many environmentally sensitive options available. The Marine can pre-book any tour for you ahead of time.

  • Southern Right Charters: boat-based whale watching tours from the New Harbour.
  • Walker Bay Adventures: sea-kayaking trips to see the whales up close in a natural as possible environment as well as boats trips and coastal flights to see the whales from above.
  • Percy Tours: sea-kayaking trips, boat-based whale-watching and viewing flights as well as walking tours that will see you traversing the famous Cliff Path.

How to spot
1. Foamy white patches out at sea could be waves breaking over the bodies of whales. 
2. As the whale rolls, its fins often protrude out of the water.
3. Look out for the V-shaped blow as whales expels water and inhales air.
4. Any kind of large splash could indicate a whale in action, train your eye towards the source as these mammals are known to breach between 3 and 5 times in succession.

Behaviours to look out for
1. Breaching: The Southern Rights leap out of the water, sometimes with a twirling motion, and then land on their sides or backs. 
2. Spyhopping: when the whale peers out from the ocean to see what’s happening on the surface.
3. Tail extension: the whale slowly raises its tail in the air.
4. Logging: the whale lies stationary in the water, just like a log.
5. Lobtailing: the whale slams its tail onto the surface of the water and makes a loud slapping noise.  

Tip: Hermanus is the only place in the world that has its own whale crier. Listen out for the unmistakable sound of the kelp horn.

Book your stay at The Marine this whale-season.

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